Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer has ended...

Summer came and went.. We spent the last weekend of a NY summer picking raspberries and visiting Old Forge.

We picked Raspberries at Cashin' Farm in Fultonville. The raspberries are so yummy and hopefully we will have enough left to make some jam, but I can't make any promises..

Even Evelina was enjoying the raspberries!

The Ring of Fire was going on in Northville so we headed up for the Fireworks- they were no Magic Kingdom and Gianna was not impressed but they were fireworks...

Headed up to Old Forge for our last day of summer. Rode the scenic chair lift up McCulley Mountain and walked down the trails. Saw some deer but no bears or moose..

Bring on Fall, my favorite time of the year and the season I missed the most while we lived in Florida!


  1. sounds like a great beginning of fall and great end to summer :)
    so did the jam get made?

    1. yup! It did, not as many jars as I hoped but enough to go around =-)