Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer is winding down.....

It's August 20- yikes where did summer go? Nights are getting cooler and longer- not nearly enough time in the day anymore. We have done a lot this summer and my house keeping shows for it.. having to conquer cleaning the entire house in one day and folding 59382 loads of laundry in one sitting is getting old real fast but it's been worth it! 

This sums up the last two weeks- 
Gianna was flowergirl in a wedding, danced her tail off all night. Evelina is cruising all over the place and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Gianna loved her 6 weeks of dance camp and will start classes in the fall on top of pre-k and soccer. Summer was busy- fall will be a breeze! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's August already! Yikes!!

Summer is flying by... We have been very busy these past few weekends. After our first camping trip, we reserved for a longer weekend this month- lets just say it would have been great if we were a family of ducks. I'll get back to that-
The weekend before this camping trip, we visited beautiful Saratoga Springs. We took the kids to the state park and spent the day in the pools, splashing and riding the slides. We walked the grounds and enjoyed seeing all the beauty that is within the park. We then went downtown and enjoyed the evening there with a walk in Congress Park and dinner at Circus Cafe, which ended with a HUGE plate of cotton candy- photo is on my phone - boo. We also managed to cram in blueberry picking before and a during a downpour...

chillen in the pool..

fun water slides!

Dad and his crew!

learning about the natural springs.

my little ham!

The beautiful spa's

Congress Park

Circus Cafe

Circus Cafe



Even Evelina tried!

and then it rained...

and rained...and rained.. haha


National S'mores Day! We had them twice!

Bella's s'more attacked her face..

Best attempt at a self-timer picture!

swim babies swim!

that's all she wrote!

Stay tuned- Great Escape Six Flags next weekend for Anthony's birthday, Gianna's a flower-girl in her first wedding and another fun filled weekend of camping!