Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summertime.. keeping busy!

It's hot! Our grass is dead and my flowers are sad. It has been so hot and rain has been hit and miss. We can't complain because we have managed to get a lot of activities in with the beautiful weather however the grass,flowers and trees need a big healthy drink! Both girl's are growing like little weeds! Evelina has two teeth- one after the next in two days and I think one more is on it's way! She loves the beach and loves to be outside-

Evelina chillen with Bailey

Gianna loving her favorite dog

Notice the red forehead... keep going

Evelina "bulldozing" 

Loves that dog!

He is such a good boy!

This is Gianna and her cousin Lucy. Lucy is a month older than Evelina. Lucy and her mommy recently moved back down to Virginia. Lucy's daddy is getting back from his deployment in a few weeks and he is stationed down there! We will miss her very much but look forward to seeing her in the fall for some birthday parties!!

Naughty, naughty getting into the cabinets!

This is how I found her sleeping on night..

such a pretty girl!

Wild woman!

First time eating puff snacks! 

Standing and pulling herself up on her feet all by herself now!

And last but not least- Gianna started dance camp this past week. She absolutely loves it!

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  1. such an awesome little family and life you have :)
    let the haters hate