Sunday, July 22, 2012


This was our home for the weekend.

We never took Gianna camping because I was completely against lugging a little one and all the things required to function with a little one.

Well now that we are back I threw all that crap out the window, loaded up the car and took both little ones camping. We had a blast.
Gianna absolutely loved it! She didn't want to come home. She played, ran, swam and got completely filthy. We had a site next to my cousin, her husband and their daughter who is the same age as Gianna so they had a blast.
Evelina had a rough night the first night but did much better the second night. I guess when your 8 months old and you know nothing other than the four walls of your crib- being taken out of your comfort zone and thrown into a huge tent on an air mattress can certainly cause an issue.

she's secretly saying that she is going to keep us awake all night...

cuddling by the fire

Gianna and Abbie

Good morning!

Time for a ride

Little afternoon snack..

Yummy s'mores

Bailey enjoying a stick

Beach Baby

After the beach...

We are going again next month so hopefully Evelina will sleep better!

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