Monday, June 25, 2012

It's not just our house... it's our home.

We have been putting off some much needed "fixes" to the house until we had our affairs in order. We took this weekend and got started. I was tired of looking at the grubby display that was my front yard. We planted two nice small pine tree type tree's when we originally redid the front almost 5 years ago. Wow how they have grown. We dug up two shrubs and a poor rodedendrum that had seen better days. Did we throw out those plants- never.. they were relocated to the back yard and watered generously. We replaced a rodedendrum and planted annuals through out. Adding some mulch, I think it came out really nice. A little scrubbing of the siding and the front looks amazing!



We changed the front screen door and have a light to replace the old dated outside light.. pictures to follow later of that fix... the front porch needs to be fixed as well..

Our Livingroom is probably one of the best rooms standing. No one changed our paint color (although there are a few spots that need to be repainted) We also have the original border we put up 7 years ago. The carpets could be replaced but that's another day and another dollar...
We replaced the ceiling fan because I am pretty sure the former tenants let the children swing from it.. haha oh if these walls could talk.....

Stay tuned to updates... It's gonna take a while but we will get this place back to our standards!!

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