Thursday, May 10, 2012



I don't know if this is what we used to consider Spring or not but it's freaking cold! Hello head colds, sinus pressure and headaches- oh the lovely north-east weather!

Soccer is going well for Miss Gianna - She had her first game his past Saturday an she did very well and only had one minor breakdown. It's hard to understand the object of the game when your only almost 4 years old.

We took the girl's to the Picture People since they sent me a coupon for a sweet deal! The last professional pictures we had  taken of them were from Sears and I was not impressed with them at all- We always had good luck with the Picture People and as usual, we were impressed and happy with the results. These are pictures of the pictures taken with my cellphone.

And after the pictures, they were rewarded for being so good- we hit our favorite Italian Bakery on the way home  <3   Villa Italia! 

At least one of the weekend days wasn't a complete wash-out! 

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