Monday, April 2, 2012

NY Style

NY Style...

We are slowly settling in and unpacking. The house needed some TLC but with the help of many people, it finally feels like home again! Gianna had just turned two when we moved to Florida so she had never really played in the snow. It snowed a dusting this past Saturday morning so we were out there at 9am head to toe in winter gear, playing and throwing snowballs. It melted about an hour later but it was enough to satisfy her.

Evelina had her first taste of baby cereal and apples this morning and she loved it. She is changing so much, smiling more and holding out her arms when you put yours out to her. She sleeps every night in her crib now and is on a pretty steady schedule. She is trying to sit up and she holds herself up in her swing now for as long as she can. She still fits in some of her 0-3 month clothes but this mommy needs to admit growth and change out her wardrobe before she starts looking rediculous.

The girl's will attend an Easter Egg hunt Saturday April 7 so I'll be sure to post those pictures after!!

Next up- Soccer Season! I'm officially a Soccer Mom!!!

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