Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun!

Happy Easter! 

The bunny was very good to our girl's this year! Gianna got a variety of smaller toys, a few candies and her favorite thing- a small chick that peeps when you hold it. Evelina got a stacking toy and some clothes. Dinner was fantastic, dessert was yummy and the wine went down easy as usual!

Gianna attended three Easter Egg hunts. We had one at our house, one at my friend's house and one held in the city I grew up in. She was so overwhelmed and ran past most of the eggs but did good for the most part. She enjoyed playing with her friends all weekend.

Evelina is enjoying her cereal and fruit. So far she has tried apples and banana's. Next up is kiwi, mango, strawberry and blueberries. I make my own baby food for the most part and freeze them into ice cube trays. 

next week... library story time and perhaps a day trip to Old Forge on the weekend!

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