Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest- Love it or Hate it?!?!


Love it or hate it, I joined quiet a while ago but never really did anything with it. I didn't have time to play around and quiet frankly I didn't understand the concept so I let it sit...

then one day I decided to take a stab at it- I started pinning and haven't stopped since.

I have various boards from food, crafts, DIY stuff, money saving ideas, bedroom make-over's, things for the home, places we have been and where we want to go just to list a few.

I decided that I would do at least one activity from Pinterest with the kids, or at least Gianna each week as well as one idea for myself each week.

I started with a few small projects-

 Tissue paper heart with Gianna around Valentine's Day for Mimi

Monkey foot print with Gianna- she gave this to her babysitter Miss Lauren

 Hair Tie holder for Evelina. I used one of the butterflies hanging in her nursery as the top and grabbed some ribbon we had hanging out for the holder.
This was actually my first project - Since Evelina's nursery is butterflies i took this idea and did it with her feet to hang on her wall. 

This is going along with my menu planning. I think this cost me $12.00 to make with most items on clearance at Michael's Craft store. I try very hard to make weekly menu plans and only grocery shop for items on the list to help stay organized and save money. Now everyone in the house can simply look at the board when they want to know what is for dinner each night. They are held on by clothespins so changes are easy to make if necessary.

I have also organized Gianna's craft supplies into totes and various containers for easier access. I've also grabbed a few really good recipes from here. I'm planning Gianna's birthday party with many ideas from various pins and I'm very excited about it! It's quick, easy and doesn't require a lot of thought- you can pin and access the sites later on. I love it!!

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