Monday, March 19, 2012

Our last weekend in Florida was spent doing all the things we loved to do while we were here- beaches and a little bit of Disney. We took Evelina to the beach for the first time and she loved it. Loved her toes in the sand and ocean (regardless of how cold it was she loved it) She grunted and growled when we pulled her out of the water. She sat there peacefully watching the waves wash up on the shore. She is a true Florida girl. She had a nice bottle and took a short nap on the beach blanket- can't get any better than that.

My little sand baby!

amazed by all things beach

Beautiful View!

amazed by the waves

Hello there!

loved the water!

Day two of beach fun!

makes friends in no time!

We went to downtown Disney for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe- always fun for the kids at Downtown Disney. We had some snacks at the Candy shop, had dinner, danced and rode some rides! The girl's loved the tropical fish at the Rainforest Cafe.

Gianna with Mimi near Legoland

Rice crispie treat

yummy cake pop

<3 My little family!

Mimi with her grandbabies

Rainforest Cafe

yummy chocolate!


  1. Hi there! Love the blog!!! I hope you all have made it north safely. Glad to see you enjoyed your last days doing all the Florida fun things! We miss you all already here and hope that everything up north goes as your plans and wishes. Please keep in touch and I will keep checking the blog to see how those girls are growing!

    Kim Just in case you needed it.